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Positively Empowering People

Through our Adult Disability Service we help adults with special needs come to a safe and welcoming place to find the support, care and fun that they need. Here people with disabilities can learn a new sport, make new friends and enjoy a group session where they can be themselves. Qualified UK Snooker coaches will provide coaching and provide an engaging environment where people can come to have fun and work on social skills as well as snooker skills.

We have two sessions available:

  • Transitions Sessions - ages 18 - 25 years

  • Adult Sessions - ages 25+



Our Transitions Session is open to adults with special needs and/or disability aged 18-25 years. These sessions support individuals in their transition to adulthood. We understand that there are many changes in a person's life when they reach the age of 18, our sessions support people in this transition, promoting confidence, independence, self-expression and teaching valuable life skills such as healthy eating, budgeting, self-travel and more. We also provide support in gaining employment, this involves preparing the individual for work, discussing their desired job, seeking work placements and experiences specific to each individual and their interests, as well as advice and guidance on creating Curriculum Vitae's (CV's). At our transition sessions we aim to make each person feel at ease and help their transition to adulthood more manageable, creating opportunities for them to thrive. We provide an inclusive, safe and friendly environment in which individuals can socialise, build relationships and make friendships along the way. At our centre, we have fantastic snooker facilities where people can learn valuable, transferrable skills such as turn taking, sharing, mathematics and etiquette. There is something for everyone at our sessions, we also have many other activities available such as arts and crafts, music, gaming, and opportunities to use outdoor spaces for sports. In addition to this, we also have opportunity to organise outings in the community. 


Our adult disability sessions are all inclusive and are available to anyone over the age of 25 who has special needs. This group is designed to provide support, care and social inclusion for people with special needs. Qualified UK Snooker coaches who have a vast wealth of experience supporting people with special needs and are highly skilled, will provide expert snooker coaching. This provides people with the opportunity to play snooker, learn new skills and make friends in a safe, inclusive and engaging atmosphere. We at SHA pride ourselves on the fun and friendly atmosphere that we cultivate in our clubs that allow people to feel safe and supported at all times whilst also ensuring that our service users have a great time. SHA uses snooker as a medium for providing and encouraging personal development programmes and the acquisition of key skills. We use play through snooker to teach key social skills, improve literacy and numeracy and work on personal development all while having fun in a social atmosphere. There is enormous benefit from playing snooker in this way and these sessions really do have a positive impact on health (both physical and mental), growth and happiness. As well as snooker, we have many other activities available including music, gaming, arts and crafts and sports.
If you are interested in joining this group and taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to play snooker, learn new things and make new friends then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The cost for our adult sessions is as follows:

  • Provision cost including session support staff - £20 per person p/h

  • Provision cost including 1:1 support staff - £25 per person p/h



If you would like to join the adult disability group then fill in this form and we will be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!


"It's all about social inclusion, bringing people together and enjoying themselves."

Clive Betts MP

"I like coming to play snooker ... it makes me feel ok."

Paul Bage - Service User

"The snooker academy is one of the few provisions where you can take the disabled out into the community. I like bringing Robert socialising and the snooker helps with concentration and numeracy."

Barrie Haigh - Care Worker

"I enjoy it. I like meeting friends here and socialising. My snooker has improved but it's difficult on the full sized table. I need more lessons."

Johnny White - Service User

"It teaches me new skills, it makes me take my time and concentrate. My imagination works well when I'm playing snooker."

Richard Green - Service User

"Coming to the academy really helps my reading and writing and my adding up. It also helps my depression. I can make friends when I'm at the academy. I haven't got many friends at home."

Eve Marples - Service User



Article about the SHA Adult Disability Group

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