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Cue Craft Silver 3 Piece Aluminium Snooker Cue Case

Cue Craft Silver 3 Piece Aluminium Snooker Cue Case

Cue Craft Silver 3 piece aluminium snooker cue case – A tough but light weight, aluminium cue case for three piece snooker or pool cues.  Made by Cue Craft and renowned in the industry as best cue for protecting the cue. With a cushioned interior with two separate sections for the shaft on one side and the butt, mini butt and extension on the other this fantastic case also features a secure carry handle and lockable catches.

  • Features

    • Cue Case for a 3/4 jointed Snooker or English Pool cue and an extensions
    • Constructed using heavy gauge aluminium that provides maximum protection and security for your cue.
    • Locks and keys are of German origin being far stronger than similar cases.
    • Assembled by Cue Craft in England this high quality cue case has gained a worldwide reputation for it’s strength and durabilty.
    • The strong plastic end caps have been specially designed for their impact strength.
    • Internally there is a chalk tray at one end which measures 4cms and can hold 2 cubes of chalk.
  • Dimensions

    • Internal Length: 48 3/4″ – 123cm
    • Internal Width: 2 1/2″ – 6cm
    • External Length: 50 1/2″ – 128cm
    • External Width: 3″ – 7.7cm
    • Weight: 1.4 Kg
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