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Innovative teaching

SHA's Snooker School offers a unique experience for young budding snooker players of all abilities. This provision is aimed at helping children who may be struggling at school or require alternative provision. We use snooker as an innovative method through which to teach valuable life skills. Learn through play. Snooker coaching is carried out by a UK Snooker Awards Coach.

Benefits include:

Learn to play snooker.

Individual development

Improve concentration and focus through learning techniques.

Confidence building

Improved attitudes and behaviours

Improved numeracy and literacy

UK Snooker Awards qualification



This service utilises innovative teaching methods and techniques to help children who may be struggling at school improve their numeracy, literacy, focus and concentration, discipline and help them develop mental agility. 

SHA Snooker Schools use snooker as a medium for education and our ethos and pedagogy is for children to learn through play. 

Our UK snooker coaches' method and practise of teaching is to run snooker based games that are specifically designed to nurture growth and improvement in areas such as numeracy and literacy. Specially designed snooker balls with printed letters and numbers are used to run games that require the players to concentrate and think about numeracy and literacy problems in order to play the game.

SHA Snooker Schools also run the teaching of the UK Snooker Awards with over 70 hours of accredited learning to coach the players to become excellent snooker players and coaches. 

The UK Snooker Awards is a modular training course that passes on the knowledge and skills necessary to become an excellent snooker player.
The programme focuses on sport and fitness, both mental and physical and is designed to give young people the edge that they need to succeed.

This ground breaking approach to alternative provision education in SHA Snooker Schools is extremely successful at helping children find support with their education in a fun and engaging way. All SHA Snooker School attendees have shown a marked improvement in numeracy and literacy skills as well as a growth in confidence, focus and concentration, as well as acquiring a nationally accredited qualification that will help them in their future career endeavours.



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