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Company Teambuilding Snooker

SHA now offers snooker teambuilding sessions for local businesses and their staff teams.

The Stephen Harrison Academy(SHA) is a ground breaking social enterprise based in Sheffield which since 2007 has developed and proven innovative methods that primarily use snooker as a fun way to attract and make entertaining personal development programmes, nutrition, mentoring and employment opportunities for a wide variety of disadvantaged groups. For over 10 years SHA has delivered these innovative personal growth programs to children with special needs with a huge amount of success. Through snooker SHA has helped many children with special needs gain confidence, develop social skills, make friends and find a safe place where they can be themselves. The enormous personal reward of attending SHA snooker sessions for these children is remarkably important to their personal growth as people and has really helped them in many aspects of their lives. SHA wants to extend this support, growth and rewards to companies and their staff teams.

SHA staff will use the innovative methods used to support children with special needs in building social skills and making friends to also help local businesses and their employees to improve their communication, cooperation and team unity. The use of novel snooker based techniques to generate strong bonds and relationships between colleagues is a completely new approach to company teambuilding that SHA is proud to champion. SHA is confident that every staff member that attends one of our company teambuilding snooker sessions will at the end of the day feel closer, more trusting and more cooperative with their colleagues as well as having a great amount of fun whilst learning a new skill.

Company Teambuilding Snooker is designed for local businesses seeking to provide their employees with fun and rewarding teambuilding exercises. Snooker is a great tool to learn new skills and build strong relationships as shown in SHA's success with teaching children with special needs valuable social skills. At a company teambuilding session SHA staff will run professional snooker coaching and lead your staff team in various snooker related games designed to maximise fun, cooperation and staff bonding. At the end of the session your staff will have learnt many new skills, engaged in many fun games and built strong and lasting relationships with their colleagues. Many staff can find themselves looking at company teambuilding days with dread and apprehension at the 'forced fun' they are made to endure in the name of "teambuilding"; SHA has completely removed this dread and negative attitude towards teambuilding exercises by making the process fun, sporty and immersive. SHA has taken a fun and engaging sport which many of your employees will enjoy, and creatively flipped it on its head, turning the sport into a tool for social growth and personal development.

Book a team building session to motivate your staff team, the benefits include: Professional snooker tuition, reward, motivation, competition, team building, improved concentration and focus through learning techniques, develop confidence and learn new skills.

Improve your FRAME of mind.

Venue: Snooker Rooms

Group size: up to 12 people per session

Duration: 2-4 hours

Event Format: Introduction from Stephen Harrison MBE ex professional snooker player and accredited World Snooker Coach, participants will be split into groups of 4.

The first hour will consist of professional snooker coaching where your staff will learn valuable snooker skills and receive expert tuition from a former professional snooker player. This will be followed by snooker games where staff members can put into practise their newly learnt snooker skills. Team building snooker variant games are used to encourage staff members to think creatively and use snooker as a tool to cooperate with and better get to know their colleagues. Finally, the day will conclude with a friendly staff snooker competition to find out who is the best snooker player in the workplace. This is a wonderful day out for any staff team and helps to massively improve employee happiness, wellbeing, cooperation, creativity and bonding.


To learn more and book your company teambuilding snooker session click here:

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