SHA Parental Support Service

Engage, Encourage, Enable

SHA has been supporting children with special needs for many years now and we have always strived to provide the best care and support possible. To us, this has also meant providing support to our children's families as well. At SHA we consider all of the SHA families to be part of the academy community and we want every member of that community to feel that they can come to SHA for any kind of help and support that they need.

As many of our SHA parents/carers know, SHA staff have always endeavoured to make themselves available to help wherever possible, whether that be by giving advice, extending support for the children during lockdown, or just being someone to talk to. We at SHA are proud that so many of our SHA parent/carers feel comfortable in finding support from SHA not just for the children but for themselves as well.

Therefore, we want to further extend the support that we can offer to our parent/carers and families by providing an official SHA Parental Support Service that families of our service users can tap into whenever needed.

The SHA Parental Support Service is a support group for parent/carers of SHA Service users. This service is designed to provide support, advice, information and community for the parents/carers/families of young people with special needs.

It is designed to be a community of SHA parent/carers and families that can all discuss, advise, support and encourage each other. It can be useful to have a community and support network of people in similar situations to help provide some advice, tips and understanding. SHA's role in this service is to provide the platforms for this network and community of people to be able to help